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Friday, April 9, 2010

Homestay In Malacca,Malaysia

Assalamualaikumw.b.t and good day everybody........

I would like to express my gratitude first and foremost to Allah s.w.t ,my family(husband,mama,papa,along,ayeh,relatives and friends) who always give me support in everything untill i succeed to make my mama's Malacca house a dream come true.

Still fresh in my memories how difficult my mama wants to buy and rebuilt this house and for this mama, i will try my best to change our destiny.

To anyone outthere, this nice and very beautiful house and it call's "villa ABABS&2A" was built in 1992 and fully renovated year of 2005 by my own big bro (thanx dorres), and finally decided to invest to Home Stay early this year. It is located at Taman Bahagia,Bukit Baru,Melaka.

To start with, you can contact my cousin whom I decided to manage this Home Stay while i can fully concentrate with my postgraduate study.This house have 2 vacant room , 3 bathroom(one upstairs with bath tub), partially furnished. My cousins name MIMI (+6019-2578164) or (+6016-3643092) for reservation,booking,keys and cleaning.The price as stated below :

RM300/day* - normal day
RM500/day - event,group or festival day
RM200/one time - deposit for lost,damage/stole goods
Size of people - up to 10 adult/10 children
Group - not more than 15 above 12 years old school children

To all guest, hope happy and enjoy staying, any comments you can forward to my email : you.